YogaDaan e.V. is a combination of two hindi words Yoga and Daan.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India and aims to create union between body, mind and spirit, as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness. Daan means donation or charity.

Our vision is to create a world that is healthier, happier and more prosperous for all.

Every hour YOU invest in your well-being with YogaDaan, will help an underprivileged and disabled child in India.

We offer Yoga classes and the money collected is donated to “Adhar Mandal School for Deaf and Dumb” located in Pune, India. The majority of children who are studying at the school are born hearing impaired. Since we as humans learn speaking by listening, unfortunately most of these children are unable to speak as well. Without education, their chances to a bare minimum basic life are really low. Education and gaining basic skills are their only weapons to survive!

We are getting registered as a charity association (gemeinnützig eingetragener Verein mit mildtätigem Zweck) in Germany (Steuernummer: 32489/65584). Refer to below provided charter (Satzung in German) for more details.

We are in this with our hearts to drive meaningful change and social justice.