Another eventful year has gone by and we are gaining pace!

2023 Annual Report: Below is a quick snapshot of all that happened.

Let’s also take sometime to go through the impact we have created in 2023!💪🤩

In our 2nd year of operations i.e. in 2023, we went even bolder with our promise all thanks to you.

  • On the offerings side, we continued with our usual Yoga classes for adults and corporates. But on top, we introduced kids Yoga class in Walldorf, Germany and already have 25 young Yogis joining us on a weekly basis!
  • On the donation side, we are helping the Adhar Mandal School by sponsoring 124 sports uniforms for the kids.
  • We are also fully sponsoring 5 children for a year, who are coming from extreme poverty family situation.

All of this has been possible only because of your generous contributions. So, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🧡 and would love to introduce you to the 5 lovely students you are helping fully sponsor!

Let’s meet them –> from left to right: 1) Sakshi Shivaji Gaikwad, 2) Akshara Radhu Bhalerao, 3) Ananya Vishnu Shinde, 4) Rajveer Vishnu Shinde, and 5) Mayur Manoj Jadhav.

Thanks a lot for supporting us at YogaDaan and truly contributing in connecting health to charity!